Leukoderma Treatment Device KN-3000C

Use type: medical treatment
Measurement: 450mm*434mm*1146mmL*W*H

Four-channel design could do skin-taken in different parts at the same time, saving the treatment time.
Six methods to get vesicles, vesicle quantity is adjustable according to patients situation.

The channels are independent, which increase the treatment effect.
With independent count down function of the channels.
Use type: Medical treatment type, independent startup and shutdown function, independent automatic deflation and decompression function

Intelligent design, easy operation
Microcomputer control panel, clear keys, easy operation.
With reasonable operating system design, convenient for operator and reduce treatment pain.

Take skin fast and accurately, uniform thickness
Take skin accurately, do not hurt the dermis
Uniform thickness of skin-taken,without scar

Probe temperature with dual monitor function,
Unique probe temperature monitoring, reduce the harm of skin tissue itself
Probe temperature with dual monitor function, greatly reduce the harm to the patients for wrong operation